Updated : Aug 28, 2020 in General

Taming Big Data in Order to Understand Your Customer

How a company markets, interacts and consequently sells to a customer is changing. Driving this are two main concepts:

· The rise of SMAC(Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) technology.

· The cost per terabyte (tb) of storage has plummeted, technology is more robust, broadband faster and security tighter, leading to better technical omnichannel platform capable of processing large amounts of data in faster timeframes.

Unfortunately, the ability to capture and store data has led to masses

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of data becoming available for analysis by a company. This has led to the phenomenon called Big Data.

What is SMAC?

Social media, mobile technology, analytics and cloud technology work in synergy to produce a platform from which data can be collected about a customer’s interactions with a company. Those businesses that can get the four components of SMAC working together, obtain a massive competitive advantage and the ability to analyse and understand their customer.


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