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Storage Tips – How to Keep Your Vegetables Fresh

Storage Tips – How to Keep Your Vegetables Fresh


Vegetables easily perish. But you can prolong their shelf life by storing them in your refrigerator. But do not just dump your vegetables Vegetation Removal Melbourne in the vegetable compartment of your fridge. With the help of the following storage tips, you can even make these fresh produce last longer.

Tip 1: Many people usually wash their veggies first before storing them. However, it will be better if you store them first and then just wash them when you are ready to use them. The moisture added to the vegetables when you wash them will only make them rot faster. Molds can easily grow in moist environments. If some root crops are too dirty to store immediately, you can wash them to get rid of the dirt. But make sure you dry them completely before storing. Wipe them with a clean cloth or leave it on your kitchen’s countertop to dry completely first.

Tip 2: Fruits and vegetables usually produce ethylene. This is a kind of gas that is emitted after the fresh produce is picked. However, this gas is not harmful to us. But when fresh produces are placed in one compartment, especially in close proximity to one another, this gas speeds up the ripening process of fruits and vegetables. Do not stock too much fruits and veggies in the compartment. Leave enough space for your veggies to “breathe”.

Tip 3: Certain kinds of fresh produces need about 80-95% of humidity level in order to be stored properly. Otherwise, they will rot easily. However, refrigerators only produce about 65% of humidity. The best way to increase humidity is to put fresh produce in plastic bags. Do this especially for your leafy green vegetables and other fresh produce that do not have an outer skin to protect them from dehydration.

Tip 4: Inspect your vegetable compartment once in a while and remove rotten produce. The decaying produce emits more ethylene. This will speed up the rotting process of the other fresh vegetables.

Tip 5: Before storing your veggies, remove parts that are already damaged. Cut off the decayed tops or leaves of green leafy veggies like cabbage before you even place them in your refrigerator. It is better to remove the outer leaves because pesticides and fertilizers might increase toxicity.

These storage tips can help prolong the life of your fresh produce. So make it a point to follow them when you are storing.


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