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The Wonder of London Livery Halls

To put it simply, a Livery Hall is the hall owned by a livery company which is another name for the guilds organisations in the centre of London.

These are the governing body for each of the trades that the halls are named after, such as the Fan Makers and the Wheelwrights, and the more popular modern ones like the Insurers and Air Pilots halls.

There are thirty eight livery halls situated throughout London, but unfortunately, many of them cannot be visited unless you are using them to host a conference or meeting. Some of them are truly stunning just to look at, even from the outside. A particularly popular one with tourists is the Goldsmith’s Hall based on Gresham Street.

One the most popular halls for events and occasions is the Goldsmith’s 오나홀 Hall which have open days that allow the public to view its interior once a month. These buildings are clearly designed to appeal through luxury, seen in marble panelled walls and crystal chandeliers.

It’s unfortunate that most of the livery halls in London are not in their original state, having been rebuilt following several disasters like the Great Fire of London and the Blitz. Only the Merchant Taylors’ Hall has escaped without damage. It has an iconic great kitchen which was used to provide dining opportunities for large banquets. It is a perfect example of what the halls’ generally look like. The outside has a set of circular windows and on the inside is a huge staircase made of solid oak. Insurer’s Hall, based in Aldermanbury, is a modern Livery Hall built in the 20th century, but that does not mean that it doesn’t have exquisite luxury décor. On the contrary, it boasts a beautiful mock-Tudor style aesthetic ideal for hosting parties that want to recapture the glamour of that era..


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