Updated : Oct 29, 2020 in Business

Improved Search Engine Ranking

No serious customer is going to read through ten or more pages of search engine results to find your web page. If you hope to grow your online business, you must do everything possible to improve your search engine ranking. You can increase the targeted customer traffic to your site by using these five simple steps. You won’t have to spend money, but you must spend time on these essential strategies.

First, take a hard look at your web site’s home page title bar. This is the colored bar at the page top. Title bars should be made up of six or less words that include your 웹하드순위 company name and a quick, exact idea about the purpose of your web site. It’s worth every minute you spend to get the most specific, eye-catching and appropriate keywords into title bar text. Once you’re satisfied that a customer will be drawn to your web site by this text, it’s time to check the title bars on every single page of your site. Click each link, look at the title bar text. Ask yourself, “Does this title bar contain the most crucial keywords and phrases from this page?” If not, get to work!

Secondly, look closely at your web site content. Is it high quality, clear and understandable? Whiz-bang graphics are great! But search engines look for content which is original, clear and rich in keywords. To improve your search engine ranking you must have between 100 and 250 well- chosen, accurate words, on each of your web site pages. It must be current. It must be something your targeted customer will enjoy reading.


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