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Top 5 Social Media To Dos

Top 5 Social Media To Dos


Social media is highly ubiquitous and its use has even gained popularity among businesses today. For businesses in all industries, it represents a platform to directly connect with corporate clients and end consumers. This enables businesses to directly market their products and services to clients/consumers and increase brand awareness.   White Hat SEO   Furthermore, social media allows businesses to interact with clients/consumers and gain insights from them through the comments that they post.

Listed below are the top 5 social media to-dos:

1: Planning

Just like any other marketing strategy that is implemented, planning is key in ensuring its success. A timeline, which includes the duration to create the social media platform(s) and the expected progress, should be established. Specific goals such as the increment in the number of followers and/or subscribers overtime should be stated at the beginning during the planning stage. The types of content to be published ought to be determined as well. For example, a cosmetic company could plan to focus on make-up tutorials while a technological company could focus on publishing IT tips, trends and how-to videos. The theme or layout of the page and the tone of the postings are also important as creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere on social media platforms is essential in order to entice visitors and ensure that they leave the site with a good impression of the company.

2: 80/20 Rule

While marketing with social media platforms is important, visitors do not wish to be bombarded with promotions. Overdoing it could be a turn-off for many visitors. Therefore, 80 percent of the content should be informative information which is relevant to the target audience. The remaining 20 percent of the content can be promotional postings. Hence this 80/20 rule will sustain a nice balance to ensure that visitors are always engaged and that they frequently return as well as encourage others to be part of the company’s social network.

3: Interaction

Interacting with visitors who post and comment on your social media pages is crucial in building a rapport with them. Interactions can be increased by posting discussions and including content which are engaging, relatable and unique. This will encourage visitors to participate and regularly return to seek new interesting and pertinent information about the company and or industry which they can relate to. When users post enquiries, ensure that these do not go unanswered as it will reflect negatively on the company. Users tend to appreciate your prompt feedback and will feel a sense of connection with your brand.

4: Searchability

Search engine optimization strategies which are in place for the company’s official website should also be implemented on the company’s social media platforms in order to ensure that visitors are able to easily discover your Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms which your company may have decided to employ. Applying the same strategies on your posts and tweets will allow others to discover your company. In addition, on the company’s official website, buttons which direct visitors to its various social networking pages should also be included. After all, Google search, which is the most popular search engine today, has recently incorporated social media in its results to provide users with more relevant real time results.

5: Lead Generation

Turn social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube into lead-generating machines by providing incentives to visitors to like your Facebook page or subscribe to your YouTube videos. For example, in order for visitors to gain insider tips and/or exclusive deals, they have to like your page or subscribe to you first. This will spur visitors to be a part of your social network, hence generating leads for your company. Further incentives could be rendered to users who encourage their friends to also be part of the company’s social network.


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