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Building Teams With NLP

Building Teams With NLP



If you have ever worked in an organization before, you know as well as I do that working in teams can be a real pain in the butt. Disagreements, lack of communication and sometimes lack team building singapore of ownership causes people to slack when the projects are due. This often leaves people disappointed and dejected. Sometimes, it even creates animosity and arguments that stay for longer than the darned project itself.

To create an effective team, there are several key elements that are required. I’ll cover them in turn and explain how NLP can be used in that context.

Team Building Tip #1 – Have strong leadership.

Most teams fail because there is a lack of buy in of team members to a single leader who sets the direction and vision of the organization, no matter whether it is a big or small one. It’s very common in my leadership training to see actual leaders abdicate responsibility to other members, causing them to fail miserably in the games we play there. Why? Well it’s a question of competence. A strong team leader is able to inspire, motivate and set a direction. Without these elements a team is doomed for failure from the start. As a leader, you can use NLP by guiding them to hear what you have to say more clearly. Communication models in NLP enable a leader to communicate at multiple levels to different people at the same time, thereby increasing your ability to influence more effectively.

Team Building Tip #2 – Establish A Common Language

In the team development process, you will also find out that the beginning stages tend to be a little trying because you are in the process of establishing set protocols and communication. At this point of time, the team will need to be in rapport. Create experiences. Build common knowledge through those experiences and that will encourage members to hang on and contribute because they are now no longer individuals but members of a team with a larger goal at hand. It’s about communicating and understanding each others’ individual differences early, rather than waiting until the critical moments in a project. In NLP, common language comes also from understanding their communication types. Do they prefer visual, auditory or kinesthetic communication processes? You can go even further in NLP to explore other communication strategies such as meta programs and TOTE strategies to create more power in your leadership approach.

Team Building Tip #3 – Connect With The Vision

I think everyone needs a higher cause to make them feel great about contributing. There’s no sense in contributing to something that you deem to be a waste of time. If this happens, its important to revisit the goals and vision because that’s what brought the team together in the first place. This is about being able to pain “high chunk” or abstract elements in the minds of your team members that connect with what is important to them – their values. In NLP, values form a significant pillar for communication. That’s because values sets are what drives and motivates people!

As you continue on your path to being an effective leader, always remember that NLP is a powerful application and should be learned by any leader who wishes to continue to climb to higher positions and better results in their organization.

Stuart Tan, MBA (Western Michigan) has been training NLP for over 14 years and developed multiple programs all across Asia focused on developing motivation, focus and identity shifts. His ability to create profound change in individuals is also reflected in his business coaching work where he targets scaling the business from the inside out. He believes that every individual who wants to grow a business must have three components – a clear purpose, maximized capacity, and pillars of prominence.


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