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Looking for Passion and Purpose? Start With Dreaming!

Looking for Passion and Purpose? Start With Dreaming!



Do you remember when you were a child and your imagination could run wild and free dreaming up whatever took you fancy? You could be anything you wanted in your mind. You could be an astronaut, the President, a film star or an inventor of any device that served you in games with your friends at the park. What happened to that dreamer? Do you let yourself dream now? What stops you from slipping into that fantastic world of your imagination where anything that you want is possible?

When I was in school, I remember distinctly dreaming that one day I buku mimpi would be a published author. In fact, I remember being in the cafeteria line up with my budding awareness of boys and their budding awareness of girls (we were all budding everywhere it seems, in our early teens) and being excited and titillated by the hormonally driven energy flying around as I accidentally-on-purpose bumped shoulders with one particular boy that I had an earth-shattering crush on. But he just rolled his eyes at me and my disappointed heart sank. I carried my tray over to a table and slipped into a daydream: I would write a book about a girl just like me who would find her true love in a cafeteria line up. She would go to take a potato chip out of a bag and it would have that weird greenish tinge on it that they sometimes get. The boy would stop the girl and say, “Don’t eat green potato chips,” (that would be the title) and they would fall in love. My book would be wildly successful: the next “Sweet Valley High”. Sally Jessy Raphael would have me on for breaking world records in book sales. My international fame and success would propel me to instant popularity and I would receive an automatic A+ in all English classes until I graduated. Now that was dreaming!

As the serious responsibilities of life took over, I not only lost touch with the dream to be a published author for some twenty years, but I lost touch with dreaming myself into a wonderful fantasy as big as that fourteen year old girls. Those dreams are powerful. My first book is published. It is not quite the content that I had dreamed of and it took twenty years but if I had not allowed myself to dream it, it could never have become a reality.

When I reconnected with my dreams, I knew I had a book in me. I knew that I could create that dream into a reality. In order to reconnect with your dreams you must give yourself permission to dream again. This can be more difficult for adults than we realize. We hold a tremendous amount of fear around allowing ourselves to dream about what it is that we really want. We are afraid that if we allow ourselves to dream it, we could fail. We are afraid that if we allow ourselves to dream it, we may have to change. We are afraid that if we allow ourselves to dream it, others will disapprove. We are afraid that if we allow ourselves to dream it, we’ll find out that we don’t really deserve it. We are afraid that if we allow ourselves to dream it, then we will have to become responsible for creating it. So instead of allowing ourselves to dream of what we really want, we hold ourselves back. We deny the niggling little feeling that we might really want to actually become a writer, open a wine shop, learn to kite surf or whatever your dream is and with that denial, we shut down, numb ourselves with TV, food, alcohol, video games and the like.

But what if, on the other side of that fear was a reward that elevated you to a level you’ve experienced only in times of bliss. Your soul aches to fulfill its dream. Having the courage to step through the fear and dream about what you really want will transform your life.

If I had not allowed myself to return to the dream of becoming an author, I would never have found what I know now is my purpose. The road was not straight and clear, it had some bumps, potholes and some occasional construction that needed to be done, but the dream kept me on it.

Find the courage to dream. In the words of Wayne Dyer, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

By Monica Regan

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